Mirenesse - Sign Up Today Only For $1 (Usually $18) For Loads Of Great Offers

11 June 2009

If you sign up to Mirenesse today it will only cost $1, (it's usually $19.95) and you can enjoy all the following benefits:

Reason 1: Personalised Makeup &
Skincare To Keep You Looking

Reason 2: 20% Off Single Product
Purchases 24 Hrs A Day!and
special VIP offers!

Reason 3: Enjoy Free Postage and Handling on EVERY VIP ORDER and VIP Collections!

Reason 4: Exclusive Discount Vouchers Receive Over $400 Worth Of
Discount Voucher Offers

Reason 5: Receive Luxury Free
Samples & Limited Edition
Products Priority Notification!

Reason 6: 100% Satisfaction On Every
Item We Offer!

Reason 7: Celebrate Your Day With Fabulous Birthday Surprise!
We cant spoil the Surprise!

Reason 8: Expert Advice At Your Fingertips!

NOTE: This is for 1 month subscription.

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • taskel
  • golfwidow
    This is a great way to see if VIP membership really is any good to you or not :)
  • taskel
    I think it looks pretty good, you cant really go wrong paying $1!!? I'd never pay $19.95 though :confused:
  • golfwidow
    Actually on second thouhgts I'm not too confident with this deal. Follow link and it askes for voucher number which in email it says none is needed and to forward to friends. I clicked I have an invite but left voucher number empty. When I went to fill in my details it asked for CC details and to me it didn't look like a secure page. Had no padlock or anything. It says on the right it is secure but doesn't look like the usual secure pages I have used. I usually use Paypal so don't want to add my CC details anyway. If anyone does decide to join please let us know if you end up being charged $1 as the total is still $19.95 when I click through to the registration page.
  • lilpretzel
    Here are the comments on the membership, I'm not sure if the terms have been changed ;) Don't forget it's $1.00 for the first month than it's $19.95 every month after.
    [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2]I just subscribed.. and thought I would post extra info: You get immediately charged a joining fee of $19.95 (or $1 with current promotion) Then on 25th of every following month, you get charged $19.95 You get your bimonthly collection posted to you at the end of 2 months (for me, as I joined end of Sep, my first collection gets sent at the end of November). So essentially, I'll be charged $40.90 before I receive my 1st collection (Today $1, 25th Oct $19.95, 25th Nov $19.95) Hope that helps you guys decide before you sign up. If I knew, I may not have.. (As I'll have to wait 2 months for my first collection to decide if I like it... and have my card debited 3 times before then!)[/SIZE][/FONT] :p
    [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2]It was sent in their standard 'Welcome' email.. This is what it says: Your 6 VIP Collections valued at over $1000 in a year, will be sent at the end of the months of Nov, Jan, March, May, July, Sept. You will receive an email to let you know when your kit has left. Your card is charged on the date you join then the monthly VIP Club Payments of $19.95 occur on the 25th of each month, for the following month.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  • MamaK
    so did you think it was worth once your kit arrived LP?

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