Mirenesse Japan Fundraiser - Eye Liner Duets Only $8.95

17 March 2011

Once again 2011 has left us shocked, with such an unimaginable
devastation that is affecting all of us.
At Mirenesse one of our core beliefs is to help out our fellow man as
much as we possibly can, and with your help and the many requests we
have had from our customers, we are compelled once again to set up a
donation appeal to help the Japanese recovery.

Eye liner duets are available for purchase for only $8.95 (regular value $35).

ALL proceeds from the sale will go to the Japan Appeal to help the
rescue and recovery missions

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • golfwidow
    With all the natural disasters lately they must be running out of ideas of what to use for fundraising
  • nod
    I reckon Golfy. It is really quite amazing just how many things seem to be happening. Very sad for all those involved

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