Mirenesse- Clearance Sale save up to 80%

26 December 2009

Mirenesse have a massive clearance sale for 3 days only. No Rainchecks and stocks are limited ! Save up to 80%.

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  • golfwidow
    Some things have free shipping. A mascara I chose did but a lip gloss didnt so its a lucky dip :)
  • kazyazy
    Same with me, the free shipping depends on what you buy :)
  • kazyazy
    They have my favourite make up for an awesome price but in the wrong colour. I am so sad now :( LOL
  • kazyazy
    http://www.mirenesse.com/images/2009OFF70Top2.jpg I just received an email saying they have a new clearance sale but it doesn't look much different to this one.
  • kazyazy
    I just bought a Ultra Plumping Lip Lava in the Lassen shade, the price said $11.98 but when I put it in the cart it was only $7.49 with free shipping so I put another one in the cart then I was charged $6.80 shipping. That is silly it is cheaper for them to post them in one order but cheaper for me to buy them two separate orders with free shipping lol.
  • kazyazy
    Sale Price AUD : $ 11.98 before I added to cart Pinks - Ultra Plumping Lip Lava*SP - Lassen quantity 1 AUD$ 7.49 Shipping FREE TOTAL : AUD$ 7.49 Pinks- Ultra Plumping Lip Lava*SP - Lassen quantity 2 AUD$ 14.98 Shipping AUD$ 6.80 TOTAL : AUD$ 21.78 :whistling:
  • queenshrew
    I bought the Sonny & Cher lip duo and they're awesome haha.. and cheap too! My lips are soooooo red! The colour's sooo in right now .. Lovelovelove them (if that's the look u're into). Get in now, cos their stuff seem to be selling out... Hot from me.. <3

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