Magnetic Mattress Protector Queen Size $49.99 from Aldi

4 April 2008

Aldi have these queen size magnetic mattress protectors from next Thursday for $49.99.

* Cotton japara top
* 210 magnets
* Fully fitted with 35cm wall

It is believed that magnets may help with the healing process and the relief of pain, and have been used as an alternative therapy over the centuries. While the alleged benefits of magnetic therapy are still being debated in the scientific world, their potential to relieve pain has definitely renewed the fascination and interest world wide.

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  • craftykiwi
    Since normal mattress protectors aren't that much cheaper for a Queen Size bed thought this might be worth a go for hubby's back problems (and no Keeys not caused by that!!). Not sure how the quality of magnets differs from product to product and how effective they really are but some people seem to swear by them.
  • lilpretzel
    I would love to know what these Magnetic Mattress Protector are like. TIA

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