King of Shaves - King of a Deal $20 for $65 worth of shaving kit

1 September 2011

From the website....
This super Bundle includes our Award winning Azor system razor with 2 cartirdges, 2X 8 pack replacement cartirdges and our Latest award winner, our AlphaGel Sensitive shave Gel

The Azor System razor won FHM 2010 Best shaving product award and combines shaving comfort with amazing performance.

The unique flexible hinge incorporates our "Bendology Technology" which allows the Endurium coated super long-lasting blades to shave at optimum pressure against the skin whilst the large soft rubber bumper helps reduce risk of unwanted nicks and lifts stubble for a smoother more comfortable shave.

The ergonomically designed, lightweight handle allows for a superbly comfortable shave which effortlessly follows every contour and curve of your face.

As part of this amazing bundle you will receive 18 replacement cartridges (2 with the handle) and 2X8 packs. You are paying only $1.11 per cartridge which is amazing value when our competitors are charging up to $6.00 each. And the blades last longer too! Our AlphaGel Sensitive shave Gel is our top selling product in Australia and has just won the inaugural Mens Health Grooming awards for Best Shaving Product.

The DDS (Dual Delivery System) helps protect, moisturise and lubricate your skin throughout the shave giving excellent razor performance and glide. Your face will be left smooth, supple and moisturised, not dry and tight.

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  • Keeys
    Thanks for this I bought hubby a few things a few weeks back for father day. Hubby's birthday is in Nov and with xmas in Dec think I'll buy a few of these.......hubby LOVES their stuff!!
  • wfdTamar
    Not at that price now, it's $50.44. However have a look on this page for some cheap stuff. Shaving gel for $2.95. Buy $30 worth and shipping is free. The $8 voucher is expired.

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