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21 January 2011

Jetts run a franchise arrangements of 89 small 24 hours gyms around the Australia. Typically the neighbourhood-based gyms have modern treadmills, TVs, "machines" and dumbbells. Other than that, very little free weights. Ideal if you are a shift worker or like to workout late at night or the early hours of the morning (if you can't sleep!).

Web site pricing is (at 21/1/11)
Initiation fee $99 + Card fee $29

Individual Membership
Fortnight $21.95 +$1.50 (direct debit fee)
Lump sum per year $468 (PIA=paid in advance)
Individual per year = $596 (PIA) or by fortnightly installments $737.70

Family Membership
Fortnight $17.95 + $1.50 credit card fee per transaction
Lump sum per year $348
Family Individual per year = $476 (lump sum) or by fortnightly installments $633.70

1) Despite the wording on the web site you do need to sign a contract to join the gym.
2) Discount $50 initiation fee for January 2011. To quality for the Family Membership all you need to do is to mention that you have a "friend" who also goes to the same branch of the gym. You could always ask someone who is entering or leaving the gym. It's worth an additional $120 discount !
3) Your membership drops to the Family rate after 12 months.
4) You can place your membership on hold for up to a maximum of 3 months per year
5) Recipricol memberships with other Jetts gyms around the country, just swipe your card to enter
6) You can "sel/transferl" your membership - the new member must pay a $29 card fee.
7) A customised gym program incurrs an extra cost

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  • admin EDITOR
    The family part of it gets my attention as it looks like a very good bargain - but the only bit I cant work out is whats the difference between the lump sum per year and the family individual per year amounts ?
  • stevehl
    For the family deal you "usually" need 2 people from the same household to join at the same time. For an individual to get the "family" rate, you need to mention another person's name who goes to the same Jetts gym. The calculation of the rates are 1) initiation fee + card fee + lump sum (Lump sum means you pay the whole 1 year payment upfront) 2) or initiation fee + card fee + fortnightly installments + $1.50 per installment direct debit/credit card fee
  • admin EDITOR
    If you can get that family deal its not a bad bargain at $40 a month. Are they generally good gyms ? I guess being small they'd be quiet as well.
  • stevehl
    Due to the 24hr operation of these types of gyms (access via swipe card), the majority of the equipment are machines (eg assisted chin up/dip, smith machine, pec dec, shrug, leg extension, flyes, cable machine), and treadmills. These gyms obviously use machines to minimise the risk of injury (for insurance purposes) when people are training by themselves. Of course a 24hr gym is attractive to those who work weird hours or shifts. Their busy times are 5 to 7:30pm Mon to Wed. These gyms are only staffed at certain times during the day. I noted a first aid kit and defribulator on the wall. There are little pictures on some machines which illustrate how to use them, as part of the orientation the staff will provide a quick run down on how everything works. The one I visited had dumbbells which was quite unexpected. For the true gym rat these gyms probably won't suffice. They don't have a free weight bench press, olympic bars, curl bar, or free weights and no power rack. This means you can't do a free weight deadlift or a squat. Security cameras operate 24/7 and they have an emergency button and lanyards (with an emergency buttons) you can use in the event of an emergency.

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