GHD IV Hair Stylers for £75 ($113) delivered from The Hut

25 January 2013

Only posting this because yesterday I posted a Terry White Chemists voucher for 10% off this same styler. It brought their price down to a meagre $206 which was $25 more than seemed to be the average otherwise and was best part of $80 more than you'd buy them on ebay.

Lone behold The Hut come up with a promo putting these out at £75 a pop. You get free shipping at The Hut so depending on your exchange rate you get these stylers landed on your doorstep for about $113. This is cheaper than you'll pick them up on ebay.

The is currently a £5 off £40 discount code at The Hut for Health and Beauty items, which the GHD Styler is but it doesnt work - probably as its on sale.

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