Free shampoo at Hairhouse Warehouse

11 July 2008

Bring in your daggy supermarket brand shampoo bottle full, half full or empty and they will exchange it for a PPS shampoo 375ml valued at $19.95. They will also give you 20% off any other purchases.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks vscomgirl - we'll need to move this over to the freebies section as its a freebie
  • BulBulKSA
    Oh My GOD! Now *that* is excellent....I love PPS shampoos but am always too tight to purchase them. well, we know where I'm going tomorrow, don't we?! thanks a mill for posting!
  • nod
    Hot vote from me as it is a great offer. I will move it over to the freebie section though :) You don't need to make a purchase to receive the shampoo for free do you?
  • admin EDITOR
    Not from the wording vscomgirl has used. You just need to go find yourself an empty bottle :)
  • vscomgirl
    You don't need to make a purchase but they will try to entice you! My son and I both took an old shampoo bottle and got one each free we bought one conditioner for me only. The offer was per person not per household.
  • lilpretzel
    Moved over to Freebie Thread.
  • craftykiwi
    Thanks - took my empty bottle in today and picked up a free one - normally valued at $18.95. They did ask if I was interested in the conditioner to match with the 20% off but there was no hard sell and I didn't buy anything else.
  • larnaj
    great idea i luv this promo i took my shampoo in and swaped it for the PPS and i luv it didnt have to buy anything else. they are doin it at all the hairhouse warehouse stores except bondi i found out :)
  • jenniet
    I took my empty shampoo in last week and received a PPS worth $18.95 too. Great freebie. They also tried to sell me the conditioner at 20% off, but I didn't get it. They gave me a 10% discount card anyway that I can use on anything purchased instore. Thanks vscomgirl for this freebie!
  • Gallifrey
    what a great freebie! checked the store locations, there are quite a few but not all over the country, only one in Tassie too!
  • craftykiwi
    Yes thanks - I've got 2 free ones now.

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