Free Secret Weapon Mascara from Mirenesse - only $2 shipping to pay!

13 May 2007

This isn't bad at all for $2 shipping charge - Mirenesse will send you a free trial size secret weapon mascara. There is a limit of one per customer, which is understandable!!

I find that these trial size mascaras actually contain quite a lot, and it's great to try out new ones without having to pay for a full size version :)

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  • nod
    Secret defense mascara? :confused: what does it do? should I be afraid to ask?
  • Emma EDITOR
    Hmmm secret weapon mascara. When an eligible bachelor comes within range, the mascara shoots out a miniature tranquilizing dart, which neutralises the prey...
  • nod
    LOL sounds very high tech :) Not sure I would want neutralising darts to shoot out of my eyelashes :( They could miss fire and get me in the eyeball

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