Free Perfume Sample of your choice... from MyScent (Postage is $3.50 min)

23 October 2007

I had posted this in freebies, but it appears there is a postage charge which I didn't realise, so re-posting in here in case you were wondering what was going on.

MyScent are offering free perfume samples. If you order one, the postage is minimal - see below. I'm quite interested in this, as I like having lots of different scents to suit my mood.

Our sample packages are:

* 1 sample of your choice: FREE + $3.50 postage & handling
* 5 samples of your choice: $10
* 10 samples of your choice: $15
* All 18 samples in the range: $20

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  • Emma EDITOR
    Thanks for the re-post Debz :thumbsup: EDIT - serial cold voter strikes again :eek:
  • Debz
    NP jayney. As you have said before, a quick post to say why cold, would be really useful :) E.g. Have you gone for this offer before and had a bad experience? My 222nd post!
  • lilpretzel
    And with no explanation, guess somebody is on :whistling:

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