Free Ozstock day-4-Piece Illuminated Ear Pick - Ear Wax Remover with LED $3.98 shipping

30 January 2010

Earpick handle with 3 transparent accessories help clean ears conveniently
Built-in LED lights up the ear canal and helps to remove ear wax safely
Two sizes of earpick curette - thick and thin, for adults and children
The tweezers can be used to catch bigger earwax
Comes with ON/OFF switch for easy operation
You can easily and safely remove the build-up of ear wax in baby, children and adults
Batteries replacable
Storage space in the handle for unused tips

Package Includes:

1 x LED earpick handle (random colour)
1 x Thick earpick
1 x Thin earpick
1 x Tweezers
3 x Button cell batteries AG3

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • sandgroper
  • admin EDITOR
    1 fundamental flaw..... how are you going to be able to look inside your ear :)
  • nod
    mmmmm ... I can feel a darwin award coming on! :D Now I thought you were never supposed to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear?

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