Free baby changing wallet (worth $30-$40) with certain gr8x products @ Baby Express

4 August 2007

Here's a new "gift with purchase" idea from baby Express - an online store that sells a range of baby accessories. They are offering free changing mats with the grx8 range of baby changing bags - they're pretty cute! And don't let the picture over there decieve you, you don't get a free mini baby with your purchase!

Details: For a limited time, purchase any one of the new gr8x range and receive FREE a quality gr8x CHANGE WALLET valued at between $29.95 and $39.95.

Purchase options:
gr8x BOUTIQUE TOTE - $129.99
gr8x DELUXE SATCHEL - $99.95
gr8x BOUTIQUE HOLDALL - $159.99
gr8x BOUTIQUE SATCHEL range - $129.95

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  • Emma EDITOR
  • Keeys
    this is still going ...the one in the pick above is so cool, who says nappy bags are ugly ?
  • MamaK
    I bought my Gr8 bag from these guys, great to deal with and I loved my bag when my son was a newborn (nowadays nappy changes are more of a chase than calmly laying on a mat)

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