Fragrances from $12 to $29 @ Priceline

6 March 2008

Priceline actually have lots of great deals in this catalogue but I wanted to point out the sale on their fragrances.

5th Avenue Spray EDP 30ml *
Red Door EDT 25ml *
Sunflowers Spray EDT 50ml *
Green Tea EDT 100ml
True Love EDT 50ml *
Spendor EDP 30ml

Britney Spears Curious EDP 100ml
JLo Glow EDT 50ml
Paris Hilton 100ml
Giorgio Beverly Hills EDT 50ml
Maroussia EDT 100ml
Volupte EDT 50ml

These are great prices, and the fragrances aren't bad either.
* Products available at selected stores. Call 1300 88 44 11 for your nearest store.

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  • nod
    $12 is good for Red door but it is only a very small bottle

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