ePharmacy - Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream 50g + FREE Manicure set* $9.99

17 January 2012

Usually $11.99 without a freebie.

As this is the online shop of Chemist Warehouse, I'm pretty sure it would probably also be available at Chemist Warehouse.

This Ellgy cream is less greasy than the other brand (EULACTOL HEEL BALM). I totally recommend EULACTOL heel balm unless you plan to walk soon as it is just really greasy. I only put it on before bed. Eulactol Heel Balm is also on sale at Chemist Warehouse (35% off) for $14.95.

Ellgy is pretty ok too. I got a sample tube that I tried out. Less greasy. And with a free Manicure set, it's worth buying imo.

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