COTD exercise deal: gym ball, pump, 2 dvds and help books $18.90 delivered

17 March 2009

COTD have been quiet on the deal front for a while now but with their $10 health promo on at the moment I thought I would post up this offer

The gym ball alone is worth over the $20 mark. Do keep in mind that the cost of the shipping means that the deal is only really worth it for those in the eastern states and you would want the dvds to sweeten the deal

" Kit Contents:
* 65cm exercise ball - Expect to pay $30 for this alone!
* Exercise ball pump
* "FUN-damentals" DVD. In "FUNdamentals" Brooke Burke and Gunnar Peterson demonstrate 10 of the best exercises to work your body from head to toe. Hit every major muscle group in this sequence of strength training moves.
* "Give me 20" workout DVD. "Give me 20" is a short full-body workout that doesnt skimp on results. Created by Gunnar for busy days and tight schedules, this challenging routine delivers an effective routine to work your arms, tighten your butt and abs, and trim your legs in only 20 minutes a day!
* Gunnars "Game Plan Training Journal". Choose your game plan to get in shape and track your goals!
* Gunnars Guide to Effective Eating meal plan. Create nutritious, balanced meals packed with flavour that will help you get in shape!"

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