Complete Spectacles from $54 including lenses (made in Australia)

28 August 2010

Stingyspecs is an online business based in Melbourne who makes spectacles and can also refit new lenses to your existing frames. For rimless frames they can even make any shape lenses for your existing frames. Delivery is $9

Sample prices
- Buy 1 pair of reading or distance glasses from $54 (includes $29 frame + $25 Standard SV lenses)
- Buy 1 pair of bifocal glasses from $109 (includes $29 frame + $80 Standard bifocal lenses)
- Buy 1 pair of multifocal glasses from $174 (includes $29 frame + $145 Standard multifocal lenses)
- Buy 1 pair of progressive vision for computer users glasses from $139 (includes $29 frame + $110 Standard extended reading lenses)

An anti reflective coating is $38 on all lenses- most thinner lenses come with this coating and 100% UV coating FREE.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not satisfied with your online eyeglasses purchase from Stingy Specs then within 14 days of receiving your eyeglasses you may return them (at your expense)in their original condition, for a full refund of your purchase price. Any questions - call them 1300 961593.

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  • ninkasi
    Seem reasonable, and local. Website is a little basic, not a huge selection of frames, and missing some of the features of other online spec mobs (like "clearlycontacts") such as uploading a photo to "virtually" see what the glasses might look on you. Would also like to know what thickness "standard, thin, and thinnest" (eg are they 1.5/1.59/1.61/1.67/1.74?) really are.... but like that they offer to fit lenses to exisiting frames.
  • stevehl
    What impressed me most about the friendly people (Ingrid) who works at Stingyspecs is that they are in Australia and you can call and have a chat before placing your order. I think they have chosen to make the lense thickness selection easier by describing the thicknesses of the index rather than writing in the actual values. They have a very active Facebook page where you can read comments from other customers or ask questions about their products. I agree, the web site is basic but compared to other sites eg Clearlycontacts (based in Canada but has an Australian presence), they are a small Australian business who are trying to compete with the likes of OPSM/Budget Eyewear/Specsavers etc. It's a little comforting that if you have a problem you can send them back to Melbourne rather than sending your specs back to Hong Kong/China/Canada etc.
  • ninkasi
    Not complaining (hey - most optometrists generally say the same thing about thin & thinner without mentioning the index), just saying probably wouldn't be too hard to add in that extra info about what exactly you're paying for - and in doing so it emphasizes one of the advantages, other than saving money, of getting your specs online. When I'm due to get some new specs I'll certainly consider giving them a go!

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