COLES == PANTENE Shampoo/Conditioner CLEARANCE ~ 70% off

6 May 2010

All Pantene shampoo and conditioners were on CLEARANCE at my local coles.
All greatly reduced by approx 70% for 750ml bottles -- not sure about the rrp on smaller sizes.

750ml size were $4.98 (rrp for these are usually about $15+)
350ml size were $2.69
150ml size were $1.69

(Prices are approx, as this is from memory -- need to find my receipt to confirm actual prices)

Needless to say, they're GREATLY reduced, like they're trying to clear them all out! Great bargain!

Not sure how long it's on for, probably until all sold out.

nb picture I found is of the 350ml bottles. The 750ml are heaps LARGER

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  • queenshrew
    750ml $4.48 350ml $2.69 200ml $1.58 Went to Coles again today...checked the prices again..lower than I thought... Stock fast disappearing...don't forget to check your local Coles.
  • fairybelle
    is the pricing the same online?
  • queenshrew
    Doubt it. It's *not* an advertised special. They might be clearing out to make way for new packaging or something...
  • queenshrew
    Oh sorry..had someone message me to ask which coles.. The coles I went to is Kenmore, Queensland :)

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