Clearly Contacts - Free glasses to Sydney Residents - 18 August - Pay Post/handling

12 August 2010

Clearly Contacts are giving away 1000 pairs of glasses free to Sydney residents Aug 18th 2010

-> All that is required Now <- is you enter your name and contact email address in the Form on the 'Go to Deal' linked page

Then they will send you the details of thier Promotional landing page .. out on the 18th with instructions on how to redeem your free glasses.

There will be a selection of Frames available with lenses (w/- your entered prescription) included

It should be NOTED: that you will have to pay postage and handling costs for delivery which I would estimate would be approx ~ $AUS 16

-Terms and conditions-
*Valid on August 18th, 2010 only. Offer limited to first 1000 pairs of glasses for Sydney residents. Offer includes frame, standard 1.5 index lenses, A/R coating, UV coating and Scratch Resistant coating. One free pair per household. Shipping & handling applies. Clearly Contacts reserves the right to cancel orders that do not fit these criteria. Some frame exceptions apply. By signing up to receive the free glasses offer, we may send you emails from time to time to inform you of exciting promotions such as this one. Your information will always be kept private and you may opt-out of receiving them at any time.

PS~ anecdotal reports from similar CC promos is that even if you don't live in Sydney - you can still get the promotion as the orders are processed/posted from overseas! (ie. your location is not checked) shhhh! ;-)

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  • fairybelle
    Donkey beat you to this one Wally.... Still its a great deal ...
  • Wally
    Ok Thanks Fairybelle, Didn't think it was a true freebie, because the postage and handling costs amounting to $16 or thereabouts Anyways, hope some Scoopers get the promo deal
  • admin EDITOR
    Wally's write up is better than mine - especially the anecdotal reports :) so I might just expire mine and leave this one running.
  • vipulrm
    Ordered my glasses today. Saved $88 :D
  • blondieo
    be quick only 1000! the promo code is GETFREEGLASSES for anybody who didn't register.
  • vipulrm
    They have reached the 1000 mark and are no longer give out free frames. But they are running a 50% off promotion until 19th August 2010. Use couponcode HALFOFFGLASSES.
  • prettynpink
    i ordered mine this morning - bit of a problem with the site with the page expiring - but i got an email and rang the 1800 number and talked to a real person lol (in Canada) and hey presto - all fixed up - thinking seriously of ordering another pair with the 50% promo - it's just so hard to make a decision of which ones

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