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31 March 2010

Not bad today from COTD. $10 shipping cap and these beauty packs are not 'mystery' packs, it actually specifies what you get!

MAybelline mega pack $40

Loreal pack $37.60

Garnier pack $19.70

Schwarzkopf pack $18.95

Boots pack $12.95

Neutrogena pack $18

Olay pack $38.70

Revlon pack $14.95

Loreal Mens $19.95

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty

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  • lisss
    I expected a better reaction to this sale. Did anyone buy anything? ETA- ok think I understand now - I read on another forum that COTD's makeup deals have been real duds in the past with products expired/ close to expiry, dried out and caked etc. Am glad I didnt order now.

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