Catch of the day - Max Factor Mega-box $29.80 (Valued at $150+)

19 February 2009

This is a bit like a cosmetics lucky dip but for $30 how wrong can you go.

"New to the MegaBox concept? Its incredibly simple. We pack 10 different Max Factor products into a box, they could be anything from lipstick to eyeliner in any shade."

Limited Stock. Only 1 purchase per member. Today only

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • admin EDITOR
    Being COTD it would very likely be a lucky dip. From previous reports on these sort of COTD deals you'd want to expect that a chunk of the stuff in the box would be fairly useless.
  • jackyblue
    well .... we are talking about buying Max Factor cosmetics from cotd donkey. Maybe it's about experimennnnting. :p
  • lilpretzel
    Sold Out!!!

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