Bing Lee - Philips HS8060 Nivea for Men's shaver Only $199.00

10 September 2009


hubby has been looking at this one for sometime now...

Has very good reviews (online and choice mag). Shaver shop sells it for $299 (the cheaper model without the refil stand and much longer charging time is $199) and ebay sells this one for about 250.

Plus at bing lee , 'everything is negotiable' ;)

Integrated cartridge refill system
Automatic conditioner dosing
Refill and charging stand
Wet use

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  • lilpretzel
    Thanks samia, Great price. :)
  • samia786
    I asked for a discount and got it for $189 :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Is it any good samia? I had a phillips (cheapie) a while back but found that it was more like a plucker than a shaver so bought a good panasonic one.
  • samia786
    this was rated as the best rotary model on choice. Plus every online review I found of it was great and it was also recommended by a friend who has sensitive skin. And hubby is happy with it :) by the way, I think the braun 360complete are rated best among the foil type shavers.
  • admin EDITOR
    I almost bought one of the Braun's but used a friends a couple of times beforehand and didnt like it.

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