Ausspecs - one pair of glasses $35, two pairs $67.95. Includes lenses AND provider number!

22 January 2011

Unlike many of the cheap glasses websites out there, this one actually is registered so if you have private health insurance, you can claim. I haven't bought from them, but did a trial run through the process and liked the options they gave as far as different lens types as well as choosing lens shapes for rimless glasses. The frames are own brand, and the site itself could do with some web design work, but the bonus is the ability to claim....

*Update* You can currently get some pairs for $35 ('aviator' style, and a kids frame - links in thread below), although most standard vision frames & glasses are $38. The two pairs for $67.95 includes most (not all - just the ones that have a star next to them) from the $38 range.

Note - postage is a flat $8.50 (registered post) no matter how many glasses you order.

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  • admin EDITOR
    :) - I like it .... a price war between clearly contacts and Ausspecs....
  • ozpete
    I have bought from them in the past. Service was good, my provider refused to pay me back, as they claimed they were an overseas supplier. But then relented after a few calls, but only an ex gratia payment, after I pointed out frames are all imported anyway and many of our local stores are overseas owned (Italy), and as a mutual organisation should we all be saving money. Ironically my healthfund (CBHS) now recognises Auspecs. Still wearing the glasses, and thank you for reminding me, I 'll be going back for another pair soon
  • ninkasi
    Note - ]some ]glasses are actually $35.

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