Aldi - Relaxation DVDs for $2.99

23 April 2008

Just in time for Mother's day or for anyone else who feels they need to relax and unwind in this busy world of ours, Aldi has Relaxation DVDs for only $2.99 from next Thursday 1 May.

Choose from a variety of titles including Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Aromatherapy Massage, etc.

Last time we bought a similar DVD from here they were $14 and selling elsewhere up to $20.

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  • nod
    Thanks Crafty :)
  • craftykiwi
    Just picked up one of these today - Mediatation one for hubby. He's a bit stressed out at the moment as everything round him is breaking or needs fixing. As soon as he fixes one things there's another and it's not just one or two things - each day something new needs attending to! He's not sure what he's done wrong or why karma is having a field day with him at the moment. Maybe when he said it's nice everything is running smoothly at the moment he should have just kept quiet!

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