Aldi - Mens/Womens bike for $69

11 February 2011

Mt. Sport SX 26" (66cm) Ladies or Mens Mountain Bike

* 18 speed indexed twist shift
* Front suspension
* Linear pull brakes
* Quick release saddle
* Comes 95% assembled

For a cheap bike to use every now and then, and not worry too much should it get left out in the rain or stolen from the train station.... well... not too bad.

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  • ninkasi
    Would note that for a little more, you can get the ]Repco Forte for $98 at BigW ($50 off the normal price). Not saying it's better than the Aldi bike, but deals like the Aldi special frequently run out pretty quickly. Speaking of which, the ]Ladies Commuter bike at $119 is a fairly reasonable deal as well.

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