95% off Ultraceuticals @ Ozsale :-)

29 May 2009

Ends 31st Sunday May
WOW this is great... so much cheap stuff....

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  • lilpretzel
    Thanks fairybelle but just watch for the use be date ;)
  • voteoften
    Only one item I would have bought and they are sold out.
  • fairybelle
    http://pictures.ozsale.com.au/844b93c4-5973-4e65-9666-54d9379e1dbd/BUK-041-100-a_200x200.jpg 100ml bottle for $14.95 http://pictures.ozsale.com.au/a48d0a1e-80f5-43ea-bbd1-359ebb195b54/FTP-030-025-a_200x200.jpg 25ml for $9.20 http://pictures.ozsale.com.au/efa7993c-9ff4-45e0-a30e-d0b89c343636/PHA-130-025-a_200x200.jpg 25ml for $11.50 http://pictures.ozsale.com.au/92c0ad9b-ce99-4f00-9346-89140bd6b41f/PHA-420-001-a_200x200.JPG Even these packs arent to bad, not 95% off but they are $52.90 and i think they are roughly $120.00 @ Priceline ]
  • ravenclan
    great sale thanks fairybelle!!! I just spent over $200 - oops!!!

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