50% off Femmecup Menstrual Cups Friday the 8th March. Approx 12.40 (£8.49) each delivered.

8 March 2013

I have no personal experience of these being a bloke, but my partner uses one and I reckon they are a fantastic idea. The saving in packaging and used tampons in what would otherwise end up in the rubbish is huge and every little bit counts to reducing our environmental impact.

Anyway. This is obviously direct from the manufacturer and is very cheap. I've seen them being sold at 3 time this price. The 50% off offer is around International Womens Day.

Deal is that the sale finishes 12pm tomorrow GMT. A one pack will cost you approx $12.40 each delivered. Buy 4 of them and you have your next good few years sorted.

If you google reviews you'll quickly see that they get very highly rated.

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