3hour Spa treatment $149

30 January 2007

This certainly appeals to me. Shame I don't live in Sydney.
What you get at the Pure Bliss spa for $149:
# 1 Hour Heavenly Facial
# 1 Hour Body Massage
# Eye Lash tint
# Eye Brow Shape
# Full Body Sea Salt Scrub
# Spa Manicure or Pedicure
The vouchers are available for the student spas in Paramatta and North Strathfield
An absolute bargain.

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  • nelly
    This really does look like a bargain. Bit worried about the students though hey! What coudl they do wrong??? :p
  • wheadle
    Thanks nod booked this for my wife for when we are in sydney to see her mum cheers :p
  • admin EDITOR
    I love perpetual sales...... I'm getting a bit cynical.... mmm .. this is last minute and its been around for a while and its been half price for at least the last 6 months.... yea - really 50% off.... I'll leave it up because broken down into hours its still not a bad price but dotn be buying it thinking your getting any sort of discount.
  • nod
    I think it is more about the fact that you are having the treatment done by students and hence that is why is it cheap - not that is it discounted
  • admin EDITOR
    what bugs me is the way that lastminute tout it as 1/2 price. $50 doesnt strike me as hugely cheap but then I could be totally wrong when you compare it to what it would otherwise cost.

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