3 x 750mL Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Conditioner shipped for $8.97 at Deals Direct

9 July 2013

Deals Direct has a limited time offer on 3 bottles of 750mL of Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Conditioner for $8.97 with free shipping. This is a pretty good offer because QuickSales is selling the 3 bottles of Pantene conditioner for $17.95 with delivery charges of $12.95.

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  • odysseus
    Price is $17.95.
  • Captainjack
    Thanks odysseus, price now updated on the post.
  • admin EDITOR
    Was about to expire this thinking it would no doubt be a crap price but was pleasantly surprised that its not and there's still free shipping. $30 to $40 for the same three pack elsewhere.

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