2&6 month waiting period waived when you join HCF

14 November 2007

2&6 month waiting period waived when you join HCF. Offer only available to new members taking out Hospital and Extras cover.

youll have access to the following benefits:

Dental check-ups, Spectacle lenses - pair, Hydrotherapy
Dental X-rays, Contact lenses - pair, Hospital accommodation
Dental scale and clean, Disposable contact lenses, Ambulance
Dental fluoride application, Physiotherapy, Same day hospital cover
Dental fillings, Chiropractic, Operating theatre fees
Spectacle frames, Osteopathy, Pharmaceutical (except PBS co-payment)

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • Brad
    Are you covered by these guys geo78?
  • elegantegotist
    I am.
  • Brad
    Are they kind/good priced to you elegantegotist?
  • elegantegotist
    Yes I am very happy with them (used to be with NIB who were tightasses).
  • admin EDITOR
    how does it work - is there normally a 2-6 month no claim period ? (from someone who's never had any form of health insurance in his life)
  • elegantegotist
    Usually for dental and optical you have to wait 6 months after joining to be eligible for the benefits (this is with ALL health funds to prevent people from just joining for 1 week and then leaving after they claim the rebate). 2 month things are physio, remedial massage, podiatry etc. Admin, you pay full price out of pocket at the dentists ? :O
  • admin EDITOR
    $1500 was damage from the dentist visits last month . They blink it costs you $100.
  • elegantegotist
    I take care of my teeth like crazy because I don't want to go to the dentist and I don't want to pay them $$$$$$$$ Electric toothbrushes are the best ! I highly recommend them.

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