1 day only - free delivery on all Health & Nutrition products @ dStore & 5.6% cashback!

9 August 2007

Just got this by email, thought I would share. It may be useful to some health freaks. Dstore are offering free delivery for one day only on all health & nutrition products!

All I can suggest is to still price compare - even though the free delivery is very handy, I'm sure there are quite a few other online stores selling these same products, and it may be cheaper in others. E.g. Go to the "stores" link at the top of BuckScoop, and have a browse of the pharmacy stores.

Select from a great range of vitamins, health & body care, sports nutrition, weight management and more. Offer ends midday AEST Friday 10th August.

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  • Brad
    Dstore sell vitamins? Wow, didn't know that. Thanks Jayne
  • Emma EDITOR
    Dstore sell vitamins? Wow, didn't know that. Thanks Jayne
    Yeah they do!! Personally, I don't even take vitamens, so I cannot do a price comparison using any knowledge, but if any of you guys do, it would be great to hear if you think their prices are ok, or good, or just downright bad :)

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