1-day - Funny Putty Cleaner 12 Pack - $9.99 + $5.99 shipping

6 February 2010

Hi all, just thought i'd share this one with you.

If this is anything like the official product (cyber-clean) then this is totally worth it. I've seen cyberclean retail for about $20 a tub at shops so 12 tubs of this for 9.99 + 5.99 shipping is a bargain!

* Multi purpose goo
* Useful for cleaning:
o Keyboards
o Cell phones
o Inside the car
o Home appliances
o And so much more, the list is endless!!
* Non toxic (but still dont eat it!!)
* Makes a noise if you push the putty inside the container
* Wont stain hands/appliances
* Weight per tub: 100g
* Weight per box of 12: 1570g

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • frogduck
    finally one of my posts works :D edit: heres a review of the official product if you guys still have no idea what it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9s8sHtvDj8
  • taskel
    That's so random! It does look fun, but why would you want 12 tubs of it!? lol! :p
  • frogduck
    one for every room, car and friend! haha
  • queenshrew
    I thought the dog looks so cute I bought one for my little girl -- the purple girly one :D This putty will be handy..my previous kb was so gross I threw it out!!! I could have kept it and cleaned it with this putty. Might give it to my little girl to clean her netbook and my laptop..should keep her entertained for a bit ;p Also hope it can clean up dried vomit!...Someone vomited in my car and I've been cleaning and spraying it but there's still a bleh smell somewhere..thinking it fell inside the small openings on the car seat...ugh! :(
  • frogduck
    i hope it can clean up the vomit too :O however after using it on that I don't think i'd want to reuse it :D

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