This Is Where To Buy Unicorn Tears Gin In Australia

Where To Buy Unicorn Tears Gin

Have you heard about Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur? If not, listen up! It's the gin liqueur that has the entire unicorn-loving world talking (and everyone else for that matter), and it's packed with real, magical unicorn tears - if you look closely enough you can see them shimmer...

Firebox UK (the manufacturer of this famed spirit) does not ship Unicorn Tears to Australia, nor do other UK retailers such as Amazon UK and Harvey Nichols, but fear not unicorn devotees, you can still get your hands on it.

In stock:

The price does change as exchange rates do, so make sure you check in regularly to find it at its lowest price.

Firebox UK is also the maker of popular Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum. Master of Malt also stocks this drop at around the same price as the Unicorn varieties.

Master of Malt UK delivers an enormous range of international booze to our shores (and almost anywhere in the world), and while you might pay a pretty penny for freight, some things are worth it.

Watch this space, if we see this coveted elixir stocked in Australian stores, you'll find out right here!


  • Hannah Z.

    Time for some gin cocktails :cocktail::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Hannah Z.

    I’ll just get a bottle of gin and put a unicorn sticker on it lol

  • Kristy-Lee F.

    fetch mumma jugs her unicorn tears

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