Where To Buy The NEW Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway

Where To Buy Cars 3 Florida Speedway

This is one impressive toy, and given its size and features, it's little surprise it's got Cars fans in a total spin! It certainly doesn't come cheap, but it is packed with features, and is still one of the most sought after Cars tracks in the range.

Only select Australian retailers stock this item, so check out our guide below to point you in the right direction.

This is where you can find it:

The Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway is MASSIVE at five feet long, and positively packed with features inspired by the 2017 movie. There's a raised track, themed play areas, a motorised booster, a spectator area, and a diverter which allows cars to switch lanes! The set comes with one Lightning McQueen vehicle.

It is the biggest track set in Cars history!

This set is compatible with other sets in the Cars collection, like the Spiral Garage Set. Other accessories and vehicles are sold separately.

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  • Steph A.

    My son would looove this!

  • Dana C.

    omg the ultimate spoil your kids! Forever in the way of the vacuum :joy:

    • Dana C.

      But it is insanely cool, I gotta admit

  • Sharon E.

    Maybe :santa_tone2: can get it

  • De'Sharne R.

    Ah yep that's right or a while room just for the tracks

  • Isabella C.

    I just saw this, where on earth would you put it?

  • Zoe L.

    Where would u like me to fit that lol :joy:

  • Angela C.

    Nice. Little man would love this. X

  • Amy G.

    That is freaking awesome!!!

  • Jessica M.

    I was legit just looking at this

  • Krystal B.

    It's amazing. One of those "where the hell do I put it?" Things though!

  • Corrine S.

    How cool is this, i did see and thought gee we would need another room for this

  • Amy G.

    But 5ft where am I guna put it???

  • Nat M.

    Just brought one :thumbsup_tone3:

  • Kirsty S.

    Throw out all his toys since he only plays cars n it will fit in his room

  • Ains S.

    Did it come with all those cars?

  • Dave R.

    we have no room to even set itnup

  • Angela B.

    Ooooh I know a cutie that would love that hehe

  • Michelle R.

    The boys would love this. :)

  • Nat M.

    Hahaha I just after paid one :joy:

  • Ains S.

    :joy::joy: can't afford not too

  • Samantha O.


  • Melissa H.

    It is hey, I would sit and play with it too :joy:

  • Samantha O.

    Well, Christmas just got sorted!

  • Emily D.

    They're getting a kitchen though, agh! Santa needs to check his naughty and nice list and get back to me

  • Fahy P.

    Wowee.. its like as long as I am tall! Lol. Very cool!

  • Mel H.

    Lol I could imagine the boys going nuts with this haha

  • Alyssa C.

    i've been waiting so long for this release

  • Susie C.

    I VANT ITTTT.. MY PRECIOUS :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Felicity S.

    Oh good lord! I don’t even know where it would go! That’s huge!!!

  • Emma C.

    Yer and expensive lol... its bloody huge he would need a bigger bedroom haha

  • Leanne B.

    it's pretty amazing! Hell, even I want one :joy:

  • Peter L.

    I literally have no more room for any toys in my house

  • Kirsty C.

    I don’t know if I can justify it though, he’ll probably break it. I don’t know what to do :cold_sweat:

  • Nicholas F.

    Better clean up his play room then

  • Lizzie O.

    Omg they would lose it haha

  • Jodie-Ann H.

    OMG I just bought it lol. I normally hesitate then miss out - not this time :grimacing:

  • Renee O.

    Oh yes! A little boy got very spoilt by his uncle at xmas and already has it :smile:

  • Diana M.

    Haha I wonder who would be more excited us or them

  • Vicki R.

    Will check this out for afterpay. :grinning:

  • Leanne M.

    It’s so cool but still :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

  • Mat L.

    Yea $150. But 5 feet long. Where would we put it?

  • Ricki-Lynn H.

    That is cool! I physically do not have room for anymore types of tracks lol maybe as he phases out the toddler set he can move into a big boy set like this!!

  • Natasha H.

    Tthat would get broken in my house :joy:

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