Where To Buy Soggy Doggy Board Game In Australia

Where To Buy Soggy Doggy Board Game

This game is an absolute riot, and it also just happens to be the perfect game for our hot Aussie summer, because there is splashing involved!

This game isn't stocked at all of our major toys and department stores, so to help you out and save you time at this crazy end of the year, we've put together a sales guide so that you know exactly where to find it.

In Stock

Out of Stock

The way this game works is that players have to race around the board bathing and washing the doggy. But everyone is on edge because at any given moment, the doggy could shake that water off and become...SOGGY DOGGY! Inevitably, there will be some soggy kids, too. Check it out below:

Know someone who'd love this for Christmas? Get it in your basket!


  • Leanne B.

    Got this for my daughter, it looks great.

  • Jess G.

    This is the only thing my 3yo really wants from Santa! Going to try my luck finding it tomorrow

  • Toni M.

    ordered online today :thumbsup:

  • Valerie B.

    Yep still got to get this from Santa

  • Valerie B.

    I think I have one :grinning:ordered online so just hope it arrives in time from Santa :blush:

  • Andrea L.

    I'll cross my fingers and toes it arrives in time from Santa :blush:

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