Where to Buy Pickering's Christmas Gin Baubles in Australia

Where to Buy Pickering's Christmas Gin Baubles in Australia

Well, there's definitely no hiding from Christmas now, which means the time has come to start thinking about tree decorations!

If you're feeling a little uninspired by the tinsel and paper chains of every other year, get a load of these exquisite gin-filled baubles from Pickering's Gin. They're colourful, they're undeniably delicious, and they're taking Christmas decorations to the NEXT LEVEL!

About Pickering's Gin Baubles

The story goes that every year, green gin baubles are plucked from the juniper trees of Pickering's Farm in Scotland, and then lovingly set aside to ripen.

Three months later, they've ripened into spectacularly plump, multi-coloured baubles full of Christmas cheer and a good dose of booze.

You need to see this clip - it's adorable!

What's Inside?

Booze and loads of festive spirit! In fact, one box is just not enough...

Each box of Pickering's Gin Baubles contains six coloured plastic ornaments filled with 50ml of Pickering's famous Scottish gin.

Bear in mind that a standard shot is 30ml, so each bauble is more than enough for one Christmas-infused G&T.

"GIN-gle bells, GIN-gle bells, GIN-gle all the wayyyy..."

Where to Buy Them

Pickering's Gin Baubles are an imported item, and if truth be told, they're not easy to get your hands on. They also don't come cheap.

At this point, Diamond Liquor Australia is one of the few places to with stock on hand. One box will cost you $70, or you can grab two boxes for $135.

Other Sellers:

Last year The Beer Store and My Bottle Shop also stocked Pickering's Gin Baubles, but they are out of stock at this stage. Lets hope they get some soon!

You can also buy these from Master of Malt in the UK, but bear in mind that postage to Australia will cost you a pretty penny (around $40).

(Remember, as these are filled with alcohol, they need to be a kept completely out of reach of kids and pets.)


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