Where To Buy Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower in Australia

Where To Buy Paw Patrol My Size Tower

For Paw Patrol fans, the NEW My Size Lookout Tower is absolutely WOW. It's very tall at around 80 centimetres in height and comes with loads of bells and whistles. If you are trying to track this down for Christmas, we've put together a sales guide to point you in the right direction.

In Stock:

The tower has a rotating periscope, a turntable base, a Pup Pad HQ, a slide, a working elevator and vehicle launcher. The set comes with a Chase and Marshall figures, a Chase vehicle, and pup packs for Chase and Marshall.

There is even storage for the pup packs within the lookout tower - they've thought of everything!

I think this one is going to keep Paw fans busy for a while! Plus, it's the sort of HUGE playset that can easily accommodate many other other toys for loads of imaginary play. Love it!

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