Where to Buy Nintendo Labo In Australia

Where to Buy Nintendo Labo In Australia

Here's a game changer for you: Nintendo Labo, in which players build cardboard constructions (called Toy Con) which can actually interact with a Nintendo Switch! If your kids are equal parts gaming enthusiasts and budding engineers, this is going to be right up there on their wishlists this year.

Nintendo Labo Toy Con 1 Variety Kit:

With the Variety Kit, you can create five different Toy-Con objects: an RC car, a piano, fishing rod, house or motorbike. Included in the set are 28 sheets of cardboard, reflective sheets, string, eyelets and rubber bands.

Nintendo Labo Toy Con 2 Robot Kit

Includes 19 cardboard sheets, four paper sheets, one reflective sheet, coloured string, fabric straps and eyelets to build a wearable Robot suit. (Yes wearable!)

Nintendo Labo Customisation Set:

Includes two stencil sheets, two sticker sheets and two coloured tape rolls for decorating and customisation.

We're expecting more retailers to jump on board with this exciting release, so keep this page handy. We'll update prices and available as we hear it.

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