Where To Buy Monopoly Cheaters Edition in Australia

Where To Buy Monopoly Cheaters Edition

The introduction of a Cheaters edition to the Monopoly franchise is kind of a massive deal. I mean, we've all bent the rules a little bit over the years, haven't we? (Some of us more than others!)

The Cheaters Edition is the game in which all manner of sneakiness is actually welcome, and I think we can safely say, it's the board game we've been waiting for.

If you desperately need to get your hands of this for Christmas, get over to Big now - it's down to just $20!

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W, or you can use FREE in-store collection.

How To Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Obviously, this is the game where cheating, lying and deception are encouraged. It's the opportunity to put into play all those schemes you conjured up over the years - like stealing from the bank, or pinching a hotel. We've all done it.

Source: Hasbro

There are a few chances to the game we all know and love. In this edition, Cheat Cards join the Community Chest and Chance cards, encouraging players to carry out cheats without getting busted. If they pull it off, bonus cash and properties will be earned, if they fail they could either go to jail and be literally handcuffed to the board, or be forced to pay up.

A few other changes to the regular game include cheaper properties, and doing away with a banker role. In the Cheaters Edition each player with conduct their own banking at each turn - and the mischief will be rife!

Source: Hasbro

Other Sellers:

You can also find Monopoly Cheaters Edition at Target (on sale for $25), and at Kmart ($25).

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  • Dwayne H.

    Nah it's more fun to cheat in the proper game

  • Lacey D.

    :joy::joy::joy: I am innocent!

  • Brooke S.

    I bet we can still cheat :joy:

    • Ashlee O.

      It's technically not cheating when we both agree to change the rules :joy::joy:

    • Ashlee O.

      Hmmmm i feel a competition coming on :wink:

  • Jayde O.

    Omg we are getting it i might win :sweat_smile:

  • Tammy B.


  • Tash A.

    better get my hands on one of these

  • Philip M.

    Just pre ordered two copies!! Haha

  • Colleen T.

    No doubt my girls would be all over this..

  • Talita N.

    Being a savvy businesswomen doesn’t make me a cheat unless the game is cheat then technically it’s not cheating

  • Stephen A.

    If your not winning change the rules

  • Corina W.

    I don't cheat, i win fair and square! Even if we played this one I'd still win and dad would still owe everyone money but not pay up!

  • Debra P.

    I don't believe in cheating in games. House rules on the other hand are more than acceptable

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