Where To Buy Mermaid Tears Vodka in Australia

Where To Buy Mermaid Tears Vodka in Australia

If you're on point with your mermaid news, you may have heard whispers that a glimmery, shimmery drop, concocted from the very real tears of mermaids actually exists. It does. And - wait for it - you can get it shipped to your door in Australia.

From Firebox, the genius creators of all things WOW, Mermaid Tears Vodka is actually a French grain vodka, in a hazy-blue shade, and with glittery goodness woven through it. And while Firebox doesn't ship booze to Australia, Master of Malt does. Yass!

In stock:

At close to $50 for 500ml, this certainly doesn't come cheap (and don't forget the high shipping cost), but we are talking real mermaid tears here, no cheap imitations, and it's going to make a cracker of a gift for anyone who loves their voddy, and unashamedly worships those dreamy sirens of the sea.

Master of Malt also stocks and ships Unicorn Tears Gin and Phoenix Tears Rum, both world-famous Firebox favourites.


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