Where to Buy L.O.L Surprise Winter Chalet Dollhouse in Australia

Lights, falling snow and over 95 surprises
Where to Buy L.O.L Surprise Winter Chalet Dollhouse in Australia

The L.O.L Surprise Winter Chalet Dollhouse is heading our way for Christmas, and it is the ultimate gift for any serious collector of all things L.O.L Surprise.

Pre-orders have just started at Big W, and we expect this to be available at most major toy and departments stores in early November. Keep this page handy for the best deals.


  • Big W $399 (releases 8th November)

About the L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Chalet

As far as dollhouses go, this Winter Chalet truly knocks it out of the park. Not only is it a huge L.O.L Surprise toy that will wow fans, but it's the ultimate playset for all those Lil Sisters, Fuzzy Pets other L.O.L Surprise collectable dolls that the kids have accumulated.

Pack with Features Never Seen Before

The house is made from real wood and is three storeys high. There are six rooms, including a bedroom, bathroom and disco room; there's also a working ski lift, an ice rink that lights up, and a snow-blowing chimney - yep, really!

To make the chalet really sparkle, there are string lights around the entire house, and loads of light-up elements, including the fireplace.

Fits Other L.O.L Surprise Dolls

The makers of this incredible house have conveniently sized it to be able to accommodate not just small L.O.L Surprise collectable dolls, but also the new-release and larger-sized L.O.L Surprise OMG dolls.

Over 95 Surprises Including Exclusive Characters

An exclusive L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco family (doll, boy and pet) is included with the house. Other surprises take the form of furniture and accessories for the house.

Check it out below!

Keep this page handy! We'll keep you updated of prices and stockists.


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