Where To Buy LEGO Boost In Australia

Where To Buy LEGO Boost In Australia

Brick building has gone digital! LEGO Boost is the latest addition to the world of brick play, and it combines traditional brick construction with coding to create working robots!

LEGO Boost only recently launched in Australia, and the first cab off the rank is the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 5-in-1 17101 Vernie The Robot. It's not exactly widespread at this stage, but hopefully we see more stockists in the lead up to Christmas.

Here's where to find it:

LEGO Boost sets have a tablet-based programming method; it's as simple as downloading the app for iOS or Android and using a drag-and-drop method to link up digital coding blocks in a sequence. The result? Robots that walk and talk!

Kids do have to follow instructions and use an app to program their bots, so LEGO Boost is best for kids over seven years.

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