Where to Buy Henna Australia

Where to Buy Henna Australia

Do you love henna? There are great deals to be had, and we've got the inside scoop on where to buy henna in Australia.

Henna is a plant-derived paste used to temporarily dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather, and wool. It's a natural alternative to synthetic dyes and is available in shades of brown, black and red. Henna kits start at £15, and you can pick up individual powder packets for £11.

Where to buy henna in Australia:

Tree of Life - Henna Kit
Includes: Henna Design Booklet, 2 x Henna Paste, Henna Oil, and Nozzles
Henna Moon - Henna Body Art Kit
Includes: 5 sachets (10g each), JAMILA Henna Powder, 1 Applicator Bottle with stainless-steel tip, Cajeput Pure Essential Oil (25ml), Herbal Blend Skin Prep (25ml), 1 Tool Kit, Instructions, Aftercare and Design Sheets
Henna Moon - Henna Powder Package (100g)
Includes: Jamila henna powder sealed in a foil bag
Divine Henna - Divine Organic Body Art Kit
Includes: certified Organic Henna powder (30g), Organic Australian Tea Tree (7ml), 4 henna applicator cones, Comprehensive step by step instruction booklet with photographs, measuring device, and access to the Divine Henna Members-only page
Divine Henna - Diving Brew Organic Pregnancy Kit
Includes: certified organic Henna powder (40g), organic lavender essential oil (12ml), 5 henna cones, Comprehensive step by step instructions with photographs, Additional Pregnancy Designs and Instructions, and access to the Divine Henna Members-only page
LUSH - Henna Natural Hair Dye
Includes: 325g bar in one of Lush's vibrant shades: Caca Marron (chestnut), Caca Noir (indigo-go), Caca Rouge (phoenix), and Caca Brun (hot chocolate)
eBay - Organic Henna Kit
Includes: organic henna leaf powder (100g), organic lavender oil (30ml), cosmetic grade glitter (15ml), 12 cellophane sheets, 2 pre-made henna applicator cones, and instructions
New Directions Australia - Black Henna Powder
Black Henna Powder (100g)
New Directions Australia - Henna Powder
Includes: 1 KG in various colours


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