Where To Buy Flush Force Toys in Australia

Where To Buy Flush Force Toys in Australia

I don't know what it is about slime, farts and dunny cans that children of a certain age just can't get enough of, but the fact that Flush Force toys are here is testament to kids' love of all things gross!

Flush Force is just starting to hit Australian stores, and being collectable in nature, it's bound to be a hit in 2018. Here's where to find it in Australia:

Flush Force Toys In Stock:

Flush Force Blind Bags (with 2 Flushies)

Flush Force Filthy 5 Pack:

Flush Force Bizarre Bathroom (with 8 Flushies):

Flush Force Series 1 Collect-a-Bowl Stash n' Store Case (with 4 Flushies):

What Are Flush Force Toys?

Good question! The answer is this: putrid toilets that contain the ickiest floaters imaginable - and kids love 'em! The idea is that kids fill the toilets with water, give them a shake, then remove the plastic over the bowl to reveal new, mutant friends.

Of course, there are loads of floaters to collect, each group with a different name, like "Putrid Parts," or "Grimy Grubs." When those collections mount up, they can be stored in the Collect-a-Bowl Stash & Store toilet, which comes with four Foul Floaters, plenty of fart noises, and belch sounds. Grossness at its best.

Looks like it could be a year of poop toys!

Flush Force is recommended for ages four and above.


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