Where To Buy Fingerlings Baby Sloth In Australia

Where To Buy Fingerlings Baby Sloth In Australia

First it was unicorns, then it was llamas, and now sloths are starting to appear EVERYWHERE! But, I'm certainly not complaining, Sloths are quite simply adorable. The more the merrier in my book!

Toy maker, WowWee has jumped on the sloth bandwagon with their Fingerling Baby Sloths - and they're my absolute favourite!

Fingerlings Baby Sloths In Stock:

Like the Fingerlings Monkey and Fingerlings Unicorn, these baby sloths are a wearable, animatronic pet. They respond to touch and sound, and they include over 40 reactions! Cuteness overload, I swears!

Check them out in this video:

The Baby Sloth Fingerlings are the slowest and sleepiest of the range. They love to be rocked to sleep, they love to blow kisses, and they love to fart!

Love them!


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