Where To Buy Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs in Australia 2018

Where To Buy Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs in Australia 2018

If your child, or a family member suffers from food allergies, you are probably wondering where to find Easter eggs that are safe for them to eat. Well, the good news is that there have never been more allergy-friendly foods available in Australia as there are now - and Easter goodies are among them! In fact, these days even our local supermarkets stock fun, yummy and allergy-safe foods.

Our guide below will point you in the right direction for 2018 Easter treats that are free from common allergens like dairy, egg, soy, gluten wheat and nuts - because everyone needs chocolate, especially at Easter!

Allergy-Friendly Easter Eggs in Australia

Allergy-Friendly Easter Gifts in Australia

Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate in Australia

Whether you're after some dairy-free chocolate to bake with, make your own Easter eggs with, or just devour, it helps to know that a great deal of quality dark chocolate is actually free from dairy.

The list of dairy-free dark chocolate in Australia includes the Lindt Excellence 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% cocoa chocolate blocks, Whittakers Dark Ghana 72% and Noble Choice 100% cocoa blocks.

* Be sure to check allergen advice on labels of products carefully.

Do you know of some other allergy-friendly Easter products that belong in our list? Let us know in the comments below.


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