What is VOSN? Vogue Online Shopping Night Dates & Shopping Hacks

Some of the hottest deals of the year on fashion and beauty
What is VOSN? Vogue Online Shopping Night Dates & Shopping Hacks

If you love fashion, you've no doubt been hearing a lot about VOSN over recent years. It stands for Vogue Online Shopping Night, and it's an online retail event that keeps getting bigger and better every year.

How does it work?

Great question, and that's exactly what we're going to explain in this guide. Keep reading for dates, the retailers who participate and the types of discounts you can expect to see.

And get your diaries! You're not going to want to miss this!

What is VOSN?

VOSN is a massive Australian online shopping event that runs a few times a year.

With a particular focus on apparel and accessories, this is an an opportunity for fashion fans to score big discounts on gear brands they know and love.

Brand range from fast-fashion icons like Princess Polly and Dotti to high-end designer stores like YOOX and David Jones.

Like the popular Frenzy sales, which also happen a few times a year, VOSN involves a number of difference online stores, and each one has its own unique offer.

When is VOSN?

Vogue Online Fashion Night tends to occur twice a year:

  • 2019: 3rd - 4th April and 22nd - 25th October

How long does it go for?

Well, previous sales have been somewhat fleeting with a mere 12-hour duration (midday to midnight), but that's certainly changed in 2019. The April event was a full 24 hours, and the second event runs from 6 p.m. on 22nd October to 6 a.m. on 25th October.

Do I need to sign up to shop VOSN?

There are no registrations necessary to shop VOSN.

Then how do I access the sales?

You can either head to the VOSN homepage to browse the stores and sales, or if you only have eyes on particularly brands, head directly to their websites. Most participating stores will have VOSN banners displayed clearly on their homepages, along with any applicable discount codes for the event.

That said, if you sign up for the Vogue Australia newsletter, you'll get all the information about upcoming VOSN events delivered straight to your inbox. (You'll find the sign-up box on the bottom of the Vogue homepage.)

What brands and stores are involved?

There are well over 100 brands on board this sale extravaganza, and they cover categories such as beauty, fashion, homewares, shoes, jewellery and sportswear.

For the April 2019 event, fashion stores include the likes of David Jones, Glassons, Myer, Forever New and Princess Polly - to name only a few.

Accessories stores like Mimco, and Dinosaur Designs will be on board, as well as Mon Purse, Colette and Quay eyewear.

In the homewares category, you can expect to see fabulous discounts from Sheridan, Adairs, Pottery Barn, Dusk and Matt Blatt.

What sort of deals can I expect?

Every store has its own unique offer; some offer a percentage off full-priced stock, or free gifts with purchases, and others offer free shipping - and some offer all of the above!

Discounts typically start at 20%, and extend right up to 50%.

Sheridan is known to offer 40% off towels, bedding and cushions at VOSN, and as such, ,we expect to continue to see some of the biggest home and bedding discounts of the event from this retailer. Keep an eye on it if you're in the market for some new-season linens.

If it's freebies you're after, we recommend keeping tabs on Swarovski - in October 2019 you can score a FREE Fireworks Necklace worth $149 with every online purchase during VOSN.

Do I need to use discount codes for VOSN?

In most cases, yes.

When you head to a participating store's website, you'll no doubt see a banner or advertisement that includes the relevant discount code to use on your order.

Discount codes are used at the checkout to reduce your purchase by a specified amount. There is usually a field at the checkout that reads "enter promo code" or similar, and this is where you'll enter your code.

Will I get free delivery?

Most stores offer free shipping over a certain threshold, most commonly it's $100. You'll need to check out each store's offer on the night.

Our tips for shopping VOSN:

As mentioned, this online fashion extravaganza is attracting more and more shopaholics every year, so naturally, it pays to know how to tackle it.

Here are our pointers:

1. Make your list!

It's common to get overwhelmed at sale events like this, and you can easily find yourself distracted by so much goodness! Make your list prior to the event and stick to it. Make a beeline for your brand and product items on the day. Count on hot items will selling out.

2. Check out Afterpay, Oxipay and zipPay ahead of time

Many of the stores associated with VOSN offer payment services that allow you to spread your purchase out over equal instalments, which is a BIG help if you're nowhere near pay day and light on funds!

Check out our guide to Afterpay, and if it's something that could help you, make sure you're all signed up ahead of time.

3. Browse stores not involved with VOSN as well

A lot of stores not directly associated with VOSN will still run their own sales on the night in a bid to compete. As such, if you've got your eye on a product that is also sold elsewhere, make sure you do a quick scout around for the best price before making your purchase. You never know, a cheaper deal could be found outside of the VOSN arena.

4. Take note of coupon codes required!

Many stores involved with VOSN sales will have a coupon code in play for the duration of the event. Don't forget to enter it at checkout to get your discount! Amid all the excitement of scoring that handbag you've been ogling for a year, it's all too easy to forget to enter the code at the checkout and wind up paying more than you need to.

5. Bundle your purchases to try to save on shipping

As mentioned above, a lot of stores have free shipping over a certain threshold, usually $100. No one likes paying for shipping, so take advantage of the sales to get a head start on birthday or Christmas presents to help reach the free-shipping minimum spend. If friend or family member is shopping at the same store, you could even bundle your orders and save yourselves the shipping cost.


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