What is the Target Returns Policy? Here's What You Need to Know

Can you return sale items? What if I've lost my receipt? Our guide answers all those questions and more
What is the Target Returns Policy? Here's What You Need to Know

With Target being one of the most popular shopping destinations in the country for all manner of products, it stands to reason that a lot of questions come up about the Target returns policy.

What can I return? How long do I have? How do exchanges work?

Most frequent Target shoppers have pondered these questions at some point, so we've taken a much closer look at the Target returns policy to put clear answers to the most common questions - and save you the legwork of diving into all that pesky small print.

Consider this your go-to guide when you find yourself unsure of where you stand about Target returns, and remember that on a whole, Target is a very customer-focused store and a good outcome is most likely. (But hang on to those receipts anyway!)

What is the Target Returns Policy?

The Target returns policy is very hassle free, and it states that you can return most change-of-mind purchases (with a few exceptions) within 28 days as long as you've got proof of purchase.

If an item is faulty, of course you can return it for a refund or exchange voucher.

What is excluded from change-of-mind returns?

Be very aware of breaking the hygiene seals on those beauty products - as tempting as it is to try them out! Once such seals are broken, you can't return or exchange the product.

Other items that are excluded from change-of mind returns include hosiery, underwear, swimwear, food items, gift cards, pierced jewellery, and any bedding accessories like underlays, quilts and electric blankets.

That said, if you buy one of these items and it turns out to have a fault, make sure you take it back to a Target store for refund or exchange voucher.

What if I don't have "proof of purchase"?

Do you want to return a change-of-mind item, or even a faulty time, but you can't find that receipt or tax invoice? Don't sweat it. You can use bank, Flybuys or Paypal statements to validate your purchase.

How will I be refunded?

Target refunds are usually made in the same manner the item was bought, so if you paid by credit card, that same card will usually be credited. If you paid by cash at a store, you can be refunded in cash at a store.

What if I used a Target promo code to make my purchase?

You'll be refunded the amount that you paid, so if you used a Target promo code online and got a discount, you'll be refunded the discounted amount.

How do I return an online purchase?

Head over to the Target online returns form. You will need to fill out some simple information, including details of the item and a reason for why you are returning it. Print it off, and include it with the item you want to return.

Bundle up your return (it's often easy enough to use the same bag it came in - turn it inside out if it's heavily stickered or labelled), and attach the Australia Post return label that came in your original package. The label indicates that postage is paid, so it's important that you use it.

Then it's as simple as popping in at your local Australia Post outlet or visiting a post box to drop off your parcel.

Once it's received by the Target team, you'll be contacted with refund information.

Are online returns free?

Most of the time, yes!

You won't have to pay a returns fee, nor will you pay return postage. Target takes care of all of the return postage costs with the Australia Post label that is included in each online order delivered - so don't throw out your bag!

The only times that you may incur costs for returns is if a return is declined, or if you change your mind about a return once it's been sent.

Can I return a store-purchase online?

Not unless you are prepared to pay the return postage.

If you bought an item at a Target store and want to return it with no extra costs, it's best to return it at a store. (It can be any Target store, not necessarily the one you bought it from.)

How will I be refunded for Afterpay returns?

It's easy.

The return will be processed exactly the same as any other return (whether online or at a physical store), and the bank account linked to your Afterpay account will be credited once the return is approved.

The same goes for ZipPay.

Will I lose the Flybuys points earned from a purchase if I return it?

This is an interesting one, because according to Flybuys, points should be removed when a return is made, however it doesn't always happen. You might get lucky and get to keep those points, but it's probably best not to count on them.

How do I contact Target?

If you have more questions that need answers, contact Target customer service support on 1300 753 567.

You can view the details of the Target returns policy online.

Now that you have a better idea of how the returns policy works, head over to Target and check out what's new.

And don't forget to take a peek at our Target promo codes to help with your shop!


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