Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

There's a very good reason why beauty fans all over the world are going bananas for banana powder: IT WORKS!

Get ready to turf your translucent powder, people, it's all about yellow tones when it comes to erasing those unwelcome dark circles under the eyes.

In this roundup we'll point you in the direction of the best brands of banana powder to buy in Australia right now.

But before we do that...

What is Banana Powder?

No, it's not dried banana (can you imagine the smell?!), it's actually a face powder with a yellow tone that can be used to set foundation and concealer, while also acting as a colour corrector when it comes to dark and red areas on the face.

In short, this is miracle powder for the exhausted among us; even celebrities like Kim Kardashian sing the praises of banana powder for kicking those dark circles to the curb and achieving an awesome glow.

Who Should Use Banana Powder?

Banana powders works best on medium to darker complexions when it comes to banishing those dark shadows and achieving a glowing and long-lasting base.

People with very fair skin sometimes struggle with banana powders because of its tendency to turn pale skin yellow. So if you're on the very pale end of the complexion spectrum, you may need to avoid yellow face powder.

But all is not lost for fair skin tones:

As an alternative to banana powder, people with light skin can try Strawberry Powder, which also works at reducing dark circles, but is better suited to cool and pink skin tones.

How To Use Banana Powder

As mentioned above, yellow powders can be used in a few different ways:

1. Colour Correcting

The main reason so many people are loving banana powder is for its ability to cover dark and red patches.

  • Apply yellow powder (just as you would a translucent powder) on top of your foundations and concealer, concentrating on areas with darkness or redness. You can use a brush for this, or a beauty sponge.

2. Highlighting

Highlighting is HUGE right now, and banana powder is actually a very useful tool for matte highlights on the face.

  • Take a brush and apply it around the areas you want to brighten, such as the nose, check bones and under the brow bone.

3. Baking

Make-up baking is very popular with instagrammers and celebrities who want a flawless finish that won't budge, and that's exactly what banana powders help to achieve.

  • Apply yellow powder quite liberally on top of your foundation and concealer with a beauty sponge, and leave it to set for around ten minutes.
  • Dust off any excess with a large brush, and you've got yourself an even base that is not going anywhere! Now you can go to town with your contouring, blush and highlighter.

Australis Banana Powder

When it comes to Australis Banana Powder, you've a few great options at reasonable prices:

The loose powder is better suited to baking techniques, while the compact is a more practical format for colour correction and highlighting.

Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

Ben Nye Banana Powder

Ben Nye Luxury Powder is one of the most popular brands in the US owing to its silky finish and perfect hint of yellow for correcting and highlighting. It comes in three formats:

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder is not widely available in Australia yet, and sells out very fast at the few stores that stock it.

If you do search for this on eBay and Amazon for imported items, make sure you have a close look at the sellers and their location - fakes abound when it comes to this brand! (Read about how to spot a fake Ben Nye product here.)

Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

Revolution Banana Powder

The Revolution Luxury Banana Powder was shortlisted for the 2017 Beauty Awards, and it's definitely one of our faves. There's a loose Banana Powder available, and some smaller pieces that work well for your purse.

Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

W7 Banana Dreams Banana Powder

As far as value for money goes, this one takes out top spot. W7 Banana Dreams is a loose banana powder that is loved by people all over the world. You can grab a tub from Chemist Warehouse for less than a fiver!

Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

BYS Banana Powder

BYS Banana Powder is another affordable option, and the beauty of this brand is that it's usually easy to find in our local budget department stores and chemists.

Dark Circles Erased! Top Banana Powder Brands in Australia 2018

Are you using a banana powder? If you've got any tips for new users of this gem, share them in the comments below!


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