The Complete Guide to Amazon Prime in Australia

Free shipping is just the beginning...
The Complete Guide to Amazon Prime in Australia

Amazon Prime Australia has arrived in Australia, and it's a huge win for online shoppers; think free shipping, access to Amazon's Prime Video, Prime Reading and perks for gamers with Twitch Prime.

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular features of Amazon in other parts of the world, and with the likes of two-hour, same-day and even in-car deliveries bundled up in a feature-packed membership, it's been a game changer to the way people shop online and go about life.

So now that Amazon is making its presence increasingly felt here in Australia, what does Amazon Prime mean for Australians? And what exactly will we get out of it?

Let's take a look at all things Amazon Prime...

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service currently available in 12 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Mexico, India, Japan, and now Australia. It's a subscription that goes beyond online shopping perks - it's a lifestyle package.

Features vary by country, but can include free and (very) fast shipping, video streaming, data storage and unlimited music access to name a few, and the benefits of the package tend to far outweigh the monthly or annual fees. That is why millions upon million of people around the world see Amazon Prime as a household staple.

And now, Australia is part of the club.

What's included in Amazon Prime Australia?

Plenty! In fact, it has been acknowledged that of all Amazon Prime country launches, Australia's package is the most feature-rich yet.

  • $59 for yearly memberships
  • $6.99 monthly membership

This is what's included:

  • FREE two-day shipping within Australia
  • FREE standard shipping on international orders over $49
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Reading
  • Twitch Prime
  • Access to Amazon Prime Day offers

Amazon Prime Day Australia

Prime Day is an annual one-day shopping event for Prime members and it's BIG!

Australia's first Amazon Prime Day fell on Monday 16th July and ran for 36 hours. Check out the best deals here.

Free shipping with Amazon Prime Australia

Free shipping is probably the most popular perk of the Amazon Prime membership, and something loyal Amazon shoppers have been hanging out for.

  • Free two-day shipping on all eligible products bought at Amazon Australia - and there is no minimum spend!
  • Free shipping on international orders of $49 or above.
  • Free release-date delivery on pre-orders like movies, books and games.
  • Discounted priority shipping: $2 for domestic orders, and $10 for international orders over $49.

You need to look for the prime logo next to item listings to know if that product is eligible. A huge number of items are, so it's very likely you'll benefit heaps from this Prime feature.

What is Prime Video Australia?

Prime Video is a content-rich on-demand video streaming service that is bundled into the Amazon Prime Australia membership ($59 per year), as well as being available to purchase separately (US$2.99 per month for the first six months).

What's included in Prime Video?

Prime Video includes an impressive library of both original Prime content, such as Mozart in the Jungle and Fleabag; and popular movies and TV series, such as Forest Gump, Seinfeld, and Top Gear.

How to watch Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is an internet-based streaming service, just like Netflix. It can be accessed through many internet-enabled devices via the Prime Video app for iOS and Android, as well as select Samsung and LG smart TVs.

How to join Prime Video without an Amazon Prime membership:

To join Prime Video without becoming an Amazon Prime member, all you need to do is navigate to Shop By Department, and select Amazon Prime Video. You'll be directed to the US landing page of Prime Video where you can sign up directly.

The Complete Guide To Amazon Prime in Australia

What is Prime Reading Australia?

Prime Reading is heaven for bookworms! As part of the Amazon Prime membership in Australia, it offers readers access to thousands of titles ( including comics and children's books), from a huge range of devices - you don't need to own a Kindle.

All you need to do it download the FREE Kindle app for iOS or Android, and away you go.

What is Twitch Prime Australia?

Twitch Prime is the gaming component of the Amazon Prime membership, and it enables gamers to access free games every month, score in-game loot, as well as ad-free viewing and a new channel subscription each month.

Should Australians subscribe to Amazon Prime in another country?

Most people would say no.

For starters, free shipping does not apply to international addresses, so unless you have an address in that country, you will not enjoy any of the shipping benefits - and the shipping perks are a huge draw card for Amazon Prime overall.

Furthermore, with regards to Prime Video, which is a popular component of a Prime subscription, you may encounter geographic restrictions, making content inaccessible and limited without the use of a VPN (virtual private network).

What's included in the Amazon Prime subscription in the US?

As mentioned above, Amazon Prime really is a lifestyle package, and it's put Amazon into millions of homes in some way, shape or form. For many Prime users, particularly online shoppers, it would be hard to imagine life without the benefits of the subscription.The Complete Guide To Amazon Prime in Australia

In the US, Amazon Prime costs US$99 per year - here's what's included:

  • FREE two-day shipping on Prime-eligible items
  • FREE same-day and on-day shipping on Prime-eligible items (with at least $35 in your cart)
  • FREE two-hour delivery (Amazon Prime Now) on grocery, food and home goods
  • FREE release-date deliveries for new-realease mucis, games, videos etc
  • Amazon Key In-Car Delivery for select car models
  • Amazon Key in-Home Delivery in select cities
  • Amazon Prime Vide
  • Amazin Prime Music
  • FREE Prime Reading with access to over 1000 Kindle books and works
  • FREE unlimited photo storage
  • Twitch Prime (gaming)

Will you be joining Amazon Prime in Australia? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.


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