The Best Value Showbags at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Best Value Showbags at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Those of you who attend the annual Sydney Royal Easter show may share in the excitement of their notorious showbags. These bags of fun have been a token part of the event since the early 1900’s, with recent years hosting as many as 400 different bags at different price points from $3 and up to $30.

The amount of choice can be overwhelming when making a decision, so we are going to make the decision easier for you, by showing you which showbag offers the best value for money and those that offer the worst.

Sydney Royal Easter Show showbag optionsInitially we have to look at what each bag has to offer for the price that it is selling at, to determine the value for money being offered this year. The number one spot for best value for money show bag at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 is the Australian Woman’s weekly showbag, which is on sale for $16. All lucky buyers of this particular bag will take home products worth $972.69, which is a 5,979.31% return on your money.

If you choose the Cosmopolitan X MINKPINK and Elle showbags which both cost $25 each, then you will be walking home with almost $500 worth of product. The goodies within this include current magazines, beauty products, premium chocolates and product samples. Now whilst these three are the showbags that offer the best value for money, it’s a little difficult go though each of the 400 bags available, therefor below is a list of the top 10 bags to choose from and how much value for money you will receive in percentage a value:

  1. $16 – Australian Woman’s Weekly – 5,979%
  2. $25 – Cosmopolitan X MINKPINK – 2,400%
  3. $25 – Elle – 2,350%
  4. $28 – Stella Athletic – 2,300%
  5. $22 – DOLLY x ROXY – 2,000%
  6. $15 – Better Homes & Gardens magazine – 1,950%
  7. $28 – Men’s Style – $28
  8. $18 – BUBS & TOTS – 1,100%
  9. $10 – Gag Magic – 1,400%
  10. $15 – Pure Health Hamper – 800%

When you purchase one of these showbags you need to know that they may include a Collective Voucher Book that claims it offers a value of $320, but there is a catch. The vouchers and offers included within this book may require a minimum spend in order to qualify for the discount, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Other showbags that offer items such as sweets or lollies do not offer any better value for money that that from the supermarket, which is why none of these types list within the top 10. However, parents will be happy to know that these bags only cost a few dollars and this may save money in the process by keeping your kids entertained. The two best bags in the sweets category for your kids are the Nerds and Killer Python showbags. Both cost roughly $5 for $5 worth of products. The Sunbites and Redskins bags are slightly better value for money selling at $5 and offering $5.20 worth of products.

To help you save money and avoid some of the worst showbags available at the Sydney Royal Easter show we have also thrown together a list of the worst value for money options available to help you avoid them:

  1. $5 – Nerds – 0%
  2. $5 – Killer Python – 0%
  3. $5 – Gobstoppers – 1%
  4. $5 – Sunbites Bag – 4%
  5. $5 – Redskins – 4%
  6. $6 – Curly Wurly – 8.2%
  7. $5 – Smarties – 11.8%
  8. $5 – Fruit Tingles – 12%
  9. $20 – Darrell Lea Pig Out – 12.8%
  10. $6 – Marvellous Creations – 18.2%

If you have any other suggestions that you would like to share with our community, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Sydney Royal Easter show show bags that offer the best value for money


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